Taian LED display installation ‘immediately changing’ splicing technology is simple

Our company is a manufacturer of lighting products. The company's Taian LED display, video surveillance, etc. are all aspects of our customers' friends. Regarding the installation technology of the display, our company is also fully in control.

         LED display splicing technology refers to dividing a complete image signal into several blocks and assigning them to several video display units. Upon completion, a large screen dynamic image display composed of a plurality of ordinary video units is formed. The large LED display is composed of several LED boxes, and each LED box is composed of several modules. The common modules are square. According to different display requirements of different point spacing, the display manufacturer will Modules of various sizes are designed to be spliced into screens of different shapes.

         Understand the above aspects of installation knowledge, I hope to provide you with better support for the installation and use of products, more comprehensive lighting products, welcome to visit our company to understand and provide support for the city's lighting construction. .