Summary of the basic meaning of the ‘thinking earth’ of Tai’an City Lighting Project

Our company mainly carries out the production and sales of various LED display screens. The Taian city lighting provided by the company is also widely recognized by customers and friends. The main significance of urban lighting, Xiaobian is simple to introduce you.

         If the lighting project is combined with the overall urban planning, according to the urban characteristics of the lighting design, the overall lighting plan for the development of the urban lighting project should be formulated, so that the lighting characteristics of the city at night are obvious and prominent. .

         The first point is to strengthen the corresponding management of the light environment, according to the functional characteristics of the light environment in the urban lighting project; the second point should be strictly in accordance with the standard lighting design standards, this is the low of urban lighting The road of carbon'.

         Simply grasp the key to the above city lighting, I hope to provide you with better support for the smooth progress of the project, more comprehensive engineering products, welcome to visit our company to understand.